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Conservation Programme

Conservation – The MFTI is coordinating the conservation of trout through electrofishing and habitat surveys in conjunction with work to improve our understanding of different trout populations and their associated life histories.  This will enable population specific management in combination with the protection and restoration of habitat to help ensure healthy productive trout populations.

Achieved through:

Electrofishing and habitat surveys by the local Fisheries Trust network with local volunteers to help identify and assess trout habitat while also monitoring juvenile trout numbers with a particular focus on the vulnerable small and coastal burns that are otherwise ignored. 


• The protection and restoration of habitat will be achieved through the education programme in conjunction with local community driven restoration projects to restore in-stream and riparian habitat using local volunteers.



  • Scales collected by volunteer anglers will provide the baseline data to improve understanding of trout populations and their life cycles.


Coastal netting with volunteers to survey for the presence of sea trout and to collect scale and tissue samples will help improve understanding of local populations and improve management.


Hill Loch sampling by volunteer anglers will provide data on the distribution of trout and the importance of these upland populations.

Population level research using genetic and isotope analysis of (above) samples will help to improve understanding of population homogeneity and feeding habitats will help inform management and conservation.

Conservation outcomes:

1. Improved knowledge of the distribution and requirements of trout habitat.

2. Monitoring of juvenile numbers as an indication of population health.

3. A collection of sea trout scales to reveal different trout population characteristics and life histories

4. Identification of poor degraded habitat and subsequent restoration through local, independently funded community projects.

5. A team of volunteers with heritage skills to assist and carry out habitat surveys and restoration projects.

6. Improved understanding protection and management of local trout populations.



Project Manager: Marcus Walters

Mob: 07500602216
Email: marcus@morayfirthtrout.org

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