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Education Programme

Environmental Education – The MFTI is working with the local Fisheries Trust network to provide both school aged children (primary and secondary) and adults with a better understanding of freshwater ecology and a sense of ownership of their local environment through education and involvement in fishing activities.  Encouraging them to take care of their surroundings and appreciate the value of natural resources both as an angler and conservationist.


Achieved through:

  • A programme of in school visits by local Fisheries Trust biologists to provide the resources, expertise and knowledge to teach primary and secondary children about our freshwater environments.
  • River & Loch Visits by local Fisheries Trusts will follow on from the in school visits and provide a practical learning experience using the natural resources in the vicinity of each school to learn about biodiversity and river ecology.
  • Adult education through a series of evening talks, river visits and trout workshops to highlight the importance of our freshwater environment, the threats faced and appropriate management solutions.


Environmental education outcomes:

1. Improved understanding of local freshwater resource and ecology in children and adults.

2. Improved awareness of the threats to waterways and the associated regulations.

3. Improved management and protection of local freshwater environment.

4. A network of river ambassadors to look after and protect local freshwater resources.



Project Manager: Marcus Walters
Mob: 07500602216
Email: marcus@morayfirthtrout.org

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